How to make a workout plan

Whether you're a gym newbie or jumping back into exercise in line with your new year’s resolution, creating a fitness routine is the best way to start strong and stay on track with your goal. 

What is a fitness routine?

This simply means a plan of action to get you in the habit of exercising. Every person has different levels of fitness and idea of what they want to achieve, so your fitness routine has to be purpose-built for you. 

Planning a fitness routine helps you understand what to focus on next and stay motivated for continuous success. Unfortunately, it's not always easy, especially if your plan isn't quite the right fit for you. Luckily, we can help! We've put together some quick and simple steps to help you create the best workout routine for you. 

How to plan a fitness routine:

  1. Set clear and attainable goals for yourself

To do this, you must understand your current ability level and what will be a suitable time frame to reach your goals realistically. Before you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to lose weight?

  • Do I want to tone up?

  • Should I build muscle mass?

  • Is there an event I want to work towards? (like an Iron Man or a Marathon)

Whichever option you choose will influence the type of exercise you incorporate into your regime and your time frame for seeing results.

From here, you should set clear and achievable goals. It might be worth speaking to a personal trainer to ensure you aren't setting your sights too high, too quickly and ultimately reducing your chances of success. 

Above all, you should understand that you won't achieve your fitness objectives overnight. That's what a fitness routine is all about, slow and steady progress that will last a lifetime.

2. Create a consistent workout schedule

You know your body, energy and discipline levels better than anyone. If you know you're unlikely to hit the gym every day, then don't work that into your plan. One thing all fitness professionals will tell you is that consistency is key. 

Set yourself up for success by working with your body and starting with weekly gym sessions you know you'll be able to keep. And don't forget to schedule rest and recovery days to reduce the risk of injury that will set you back.

When creating an exercise schedule, remember that you don't want to put so much pressure on yourself that working out becomes a chore. Instead, you should look forward to getting a hit of endorphins, not just going through the motions because you think you should.

3. Break up solo sessions with fitness classes

Your fitness routine will have some form of repetition, but you want to keep things as fresh as possible so that you don't get bored and check out. For example, you could switch up your solo cardio session on a treadmill for a fun group class like Zumba. You'll still burn calories, but there will be something new to sink your teeth into.

And with over 50 fitness classes to choose from at 24/7 Fitness, you’ll never get bored. 

Another benefit of incorporating exercise classes into your fitness routine is that you’ll learn the proper techniques for a range of exercises, improving your performance in and out of the studio. 

Not to mention that the group atmosphere is a fantastic confidence boost, and the pre-booking and designated start-time increases the chances of you actually turning up and sticking to your workout schedule. 

4.  Don’t forget about nutrition

Have you ever heard the saying 'abs are made in the kitchen?' Well, it's true. Exercise and diet are two sides of the same healthy coin, so nutrition must be incorporated into your fitness plan if you hope to succeed in your mission for a better, healthier lifestyle.

Some people prefer to eat ahead of a workout, as it fuels them, whereas others feel better saving their food for post-workout. When you eat, and what you eat needs to be clearly laid out in your fitness plan.

What should you include in your fitness plan?

When it comes to exact exercises you should incorporate into the workout sessions we mentioned earlier, it's vital to choose the right programme to build strength and focus on specific areas in line with what you're hoping to achieve. 

The problem here is that without a strong knowledge of nutrition or sports science, you'll likely struggle to put together an effective fitness plan to achieve what you want it to.

We recommend meeting with a personal trainer at least once so that they can create the bones of the fitness plan with you. Remember that no two programmes are the same, and a personal trainer will tailor their recommendations based on your goals and abilities.

Ready to make a plan that will change your life? Whatever you want out of your new routine, whether to improve your general fitness or train for a specific event like a marathon or special occasion, a fitness plan can help keep you focused and motivated. 

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