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Healthy snack alternatives to keep you going

When working from home, it is easy to fall into the habit of reaching for a snack, either out of boredom or to stave off low energy and concentration levels. Not only that, with no one around and no need to pre-prepare our daily snacks, we may be more tempted than usual to grab junk food over a nutritious or healthy treat to keep us going. 

While there is nothing wrong with a high-sugar or starchy snack once in a while, if eating this type of food becomes a habit, we will soon notice the difference and not just from our waistlines. The food we eat has an impact on our mental health, with research suggesting that the more fruit and vegetables we consume, the better our wellbeing.

Healthy snack alternatives

It is perfectly normal to find ourselves craving unhealthy snacks, however, with gyms being closed and the government restricting us from working out in groups; ditching the diet is not a good idea. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a treat to get us through the working day. There is a vast selection of healthy snack substitutes, regardless of what your guilty pleasure is. Whether you prefer savoury crisps or sweet biscuits, here are some guilt-free options you can choose. 

Healthy snack alternatives for every craving type

Healthy snack alternatives to biscuits

We have all found ourselves in the situation where we promise ourselves we will only eat two biscuits and, before we know it, we are half-way down the packet. Instead of picking up a biscuit, or biscuits, choose any of the following:

  • Oatcakes with a little peanut butter

  • Water biscuits topped with cheese and pickle

  • Energy balls

Healthy snack alternatives to sweets 

From Haribo Tangfastics to jelly beans, sweets are readily available and usually come in ‘share packs’ which means you can eat far more than is recommended in a short amount of time. Eating large portions of sweets will not only be extremely difficult to work off, but it will also result in a quick sugar crash which can impact your standard of work. Instead of reaching for a pack of sweets, grab:

  • Dried fruit

  • Fresh fruit

  • Smoothie

Healthy snack alternatives to chocolate

The choice of chocolate available seems to be ever-growing. From simple flavoured bars to commercial chocolate like snickers and mars bars; we are truly spoilt for choice. However, similar to sweets, you may find yourself in the midst of a sugar crash after you have had your fill of chocolate. Keep your concentrations levels high by opting for:

  • Darker chocolate alternatives

  • Brazil nuts or almonds

  • Dates

Healthy snack alternatives to crisps

Crisps are preferred by many due to their savoury taste. However, the high volume of addictive salt means you may find it difficult to stop with just one pack. There are a variety of healthier options, including:

  • Flavoured nuts or roasted chickpeas

  • Olives

  • Rice crackers

  • Vegetable crisps

As with all things, these may be healthier substitutes, but they should still be enjoyed in moderation. Don’t forget to schedule your snacks to last the day to prevent overeating. Of course, don’t eat just for the sake of it. If you aren’t hungry at your designated snack time, don’t feel as though you have to eat it. 

So, the next time you crave a snack, opt for something that will hit the spot, but still be nutritious. It can feel more challenging to stick to a healthy routine right now, and we should be as kind to ourselves as possible. But remember that the food we eat does impact the way we feel, so it is important to be kind in the fuel we give ourselves too.