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Meal Prepping Myths Busted

Alongside a workout plan and solid exercise regime, meal prepping is a great way to ensure you’re getting all the nutrition you need. If you’re thinking about creating a meal plan and giving prepping a go, you’ll want to know how to start. 

Here, we’re busting some common meal prepping myths to help you out:

Myth 1: Meal prepping is a diet

One of the biggest misconceptions around meal prepping is that it’s seen as a diet. This isn’t the best attitude to have, as many people view diets as temporary, restrictive, and a means to an end. Many people on diets feel guilty if they fall off plan. That’s not what meal prepping is about.

Meal prepping is all about planning nutritional, healthy meals that save you time and money. And if you’re following a workout plan, it’s a great way to help you stick to and achieve the goals you’ve set yourself.

Myth 2: Meal prepping takes ages

Done properly, it doesn’t have to! The beauty of a meal plan is that you know what you’re preparing in advance, so you can just get stuck in and start cooking. Batch cooking a couple of meals for the week won’t take any longer than preparing just one either.

If you’re short on time or new to meal prepping, why not plan and prepare your lunches or dinners for two or three days rather than a week? That’ll help you save time, whilst creating meals that help you with sticking to your nutrition plan.

Myth 3: It makes shopping complicated

Another common myth around meal prepping is that is makes your weekly trips to the supermarket really complicated. People falsely believe that need to look for loads of new ingredients and products they’ve never used before, for recipes they’ve never followed.

This isn’t true of course. You can still shop as normal but instead of buying lunch as you go, stock up on ingredients all at once. If anything, meal prepping can make shopping easier as you won’t be going to the shop multiple times in the week.

Myth 4: You can only eat certain meals

Following on from our point about having to buy strange ingredients and follow strange recipes, when you’re meal planning you can eat whatever you like. Do you often make pasta dishes? Make a little extra and set aside for your lunches throughout the week. The same goes for rice dishes like paella or curry. You’re certainly not restricted!

Myth 5: You’ll end up with lots of food waste

The final myth that many people believe about meal prepping is that you’ll end up with loads of food waste. That you’ll have the best intentions, but that the food you make and put on one side will go off before you can eat it.


To stop this happening, check out this handy guide from Magnet. It details how long you can keep certain foods in your fridge or freezer – it’s something all meal preppers should take note of! Follow this, and you won’t find yourself wasting food.


Magnet Meal Prepping Advice

Alongside a solid workout plan, meal prepping can help you hit your fitness and nutrition goals. And, as we’ve shown, it can be super easy to do! Ready to start hitting your goals? Find your nearest club today.