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High Protein Foods For People On A Budget

Our Guide to the Cheapest High Protein Foods 

I’m sure by now you know how important protein is for for muscular growth and development, but did you know that it also makes antibodies that help you to fight off infection, regulates your metabolism, repairs damaged tissue and helps you keep a heathy digestive system? 

It's good stuff and you need it in your diet. 

However a high protein diet can be costly and if you don’t fancy shacking up with a butcher you might want to consider these low cost options. 


Chicken is a fantastic source of protein, tastes great and is readily available. Chicken breasts are expensive though, so why not try chicken thighs, they taste yummy and you will get more for your money. 


Tuna is another staple of the fitness diet, and canned tuna is low cost and a great source of protein. It’s easy to store and transport and lasts forever in the cupboard, ideal if you want to buy in bulk. 

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are quick to prepare and convenient sources of protein, great if you are on the run. Admittedly some are expensive and you do have to be very selective with the cheaper ones, but there are some bargains out there well worth the effort to find. 


Eggs have a high protein content and are packed full of nutrients and fats that are great for your body. They are vegetarian friendly and if you want to reduce the calorie count you can always remove the yolks. 

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are surprising high in protein giving you roughly 20g per 100g serving, they are high in fat, but luckily it's the good kind. 

Black Beans

Black beans, at 15g per 100g are a cheap source of protein and fibre. 


Tofu has a similar protein content to black beans and is a staple of vegan and vegetarian diets, reasonably priced and incredibly versatile. Well worth a try. 

Whatever your budget, protein is a vital ingredient in any diet and a cornerstone of a fit and healthy life. It doesn’t matter where you find it as long as you do.