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7 ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday life

Trying to juggle your work and social life whilst getting enough sleep can be difficult enough on its own sometimes, let alone without making time for the gym! It’s for this reason that many people find it easier to gradually take up exercising rather than immediately starting a hardcore routine, and there’s multiple ways that you can get fitter by making a few simple changes to your daily activities.

If you’re looking to burn away that belly fat and start working on your summer body early this winter, then check out my simple tips on how to incorporate fitness into your everyday life. 

1. Exercise during the adverts 

We all probably spend a bit more time than we’d like to admit watching TV, and the reality is you aren’t burning a huge number of calories gawping at the screen. One way to get around this is by doing star jumps, push-ups or on-the-spot jogging during the breaks. You’ll get a regular dose of exercise every 15 minutes doing this, and who wants to watch the adverts anyway? 

2. Clean up! 

Many of us leave the housework to the weekend, but why not use this chore as another way to get in some exercise? Spending 10 or 15 minutes cleaning everyday means your average calorie burn will increase and you’ll also rid yourself of the dreaded ‘big clean’ at the weekend. 

3. Take the stairs 

Another simple yet highly effective way to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle is to take the stairs. If you work in a top-floor office this may seem daunting initially, but flights of stairs are a great opportunity to burn some calories before you sit down at your desk. 

4. Keep the glass half full 

You’re already drinking plenty of water at work to keep your brain hydrated, so why not use your drinking habit to sneak in some more exercise? Keeping your glass or bottle half full means you’ll make more trips to the kitchen to refill it, creating a lot of extra movement over the course of a week. 

5. Start your day with a short workout 

Exercise is a brilliant way to banish the morning blues and get you ready for the day ahead. Aim to get in a quick couple of minutes of push ups, sit-ups, lunges or star jumps before you get your morning shower. Starting your day at the gym can help put you in the right frame of mind for success. No matter what you day's like, at least you've achieved something good.

6. Hit the dancefloor 

If you’re the type to hit the clubs during the weekend, then why not spend less time drinking and more time on the floor? Dancing is a great high-intensity workout and will burn a ton of calories even if you only do it for an hour. 

7. Walk to work 

A morning stroll to work is a great way to get the blood and oxygen flowing around your body, giving you enhanced focus once you do get to work to crack on with your tasks.