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Top 6 Benefits of Running

While it can be challenging to motivate yourself to go for a run, the benefits of running make it worth the effort every single time. Paired with endorphins, you’ll end up loving running, just as long as you get out the door.

In this post, 24/7 Fitness dives into the benefits of running, running every day, and more. So start stretching out your legs because you’re sure to want to hit the track or the treadmill after this read.

Is running good for you?

Undoubtedly, yes, running is great for you. While overdoing it, straining your muscles, or tripping and falling may have clear negative effects, running and jogging has excellent benefits for your body and your mind.

While most runners start for their body, many keep running for their mental and physical wellbeing. Ask a runner why they do what they do, and the answer will very likely be “because it makes me feel better”. Below we’ll look at why that is.

What are the benefits of running?

There are plenty of mental and physical benefits of running, but these six are our favourites:

  1. Running is great for your heart

While strength training has many of its own advantages, running is one of the best exercises for your heart. Running keeps the arteries more elastic and helps the heart to pump more efficiently. In addition to this, a regular jog lowers your blood pressure while lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

  1. Running improves your mental and psychological wellbeing

Going for a regular run can improve your mental state and overall sense of happiness. When you run, blood circulation to the brain is increased, which affects the part of your brain that deals with stress. The endorphins and serotonin that are released are also proven to improve your mental state. Therefore, running can be a technique for making your body and mind feel better.

  1. Running reduces stress and improves sleep

As mentioned above, the part of the brain that deals with stress are affected by running. After a run, endocannabinoids are released into your bloodstream. This naturally produced chemical has calming effects that are similar to cannabis and provides short-term relief for stress, as well as a feeling of calm.

In addition to this, running has been shown to improve sleep schedules while stimulating better, deeper sleep. Improved sleep also aids in stress relief.

  1. Running aids weight loss

Running burns more calories than most other forms of exercise and is great for weight loss. If you add a little interval training or sprints to your run, your body will also burn calories long after the run is done. 

Since running requires a number of different muscles to work together, it tones your whole body. So if you’re going to choose one form of exercise to really get into, running should be top of the list. 

  1. Running strengthens your bones

Since running is a weight-bearing exercise, your skeletal system is put under stress, which boosts bone mineral density (BMD). A higher BMD means stronger bones, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures as you age.

  1. Running stimulates your brain

When you run, a number of things happen in the brain. For one, the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory, ramps up brain cell growth. Simultaneously, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is released. This protein encourages the growth and survival of neurons in the brain. Lastly, running develops the areas of the brain which control coordination, movement and long-term memory. All in all, the running health benefits for your brain are excellent.

Conclusion on health benefits of running

Whether you’re considering running 5km every day, or 3km every other day, there are plenty of advantages to getting active and heading out for a run. Fortunately, our gyms have all the equipment that you need to have a great run while offering great strength training for runners too.  

If you prefer to run in the great outdoors, try out your nearest trail or the city streets today. You won’t regret it.