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5 Healthy Christmas Treats For Kids | Fun & Easy Delights

Is there a more exciting time for kids than Christmas? While it’s a time to indulge and celebrate with the whole family, you’ll no doubt want to limit the amount of sugar they’re feasting on over December. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t mean you have to resign them to tasteless and boring options – there’s still plenty of delicious and fun Christmas treats for kids that they’ll be eager to get their hands on. 

When you’re looking for treats that the whole family will be keen to sample, these five kids treats for Christmas should be on your list. 

Edible Christmas treats for kids

Christmas is a busy time, so there really isn’t a need to give yourself more work. These are easy Christmas treats for kids that are quick to make, can be done by the little ones and won’t break the bank. Oh and did we mention, they’re healthy alternatives?

1. Give fruit a festive twist

With a bit of creativity, you can turn an ordinary bowl of fruit into a fun festive surprise. With a few additions, you can turn strawberries into Santa’s hat, a Christmas cookie cutter transforms melon, bananas can make excellent snowmen. There’s plenty of ideas online if you’re in need of some inspiration but you can get the kids involved and let their imaginations run wild too. 

2. Jazz up some popcorn

What better way to spend a chilly evening than to watch a film together. Popcorn is an excellent alternative to the bags of sugar-laden sweets and with some quick decorations, a boring cup of popcorn is turned into festive fun. Snowmen are the perfect wintery decoration to adorn your popcorn treats. 

3. Put eggs on your shopping list

While we’re on the topic of snowmen, they’re a simple but effective way to turn eggs from a humble savoury treat into something that’s much more eye-catching. Topped with a carrot hat and parsley arms, these snowmen are filled with goodness. Eggs make a great base for penguins, Santa, and other festive icons too, so get creative. 

4. A simple, quick option

You don’t need to slave away in the kitchen to give your kids a Christmas treat, you can quickly revamp their usual healthy snacks with a bit of imagination. Delicious fruit cups, for example, can be turned into Rudolph with little effort, giving your little ones a bit of extra encouragement to reach for the nutritious options over the festive period. 

5. Red velvet and beet

When you really want to indulge in cake and the kids are keen on something that’s sweet, these red velvet cupcakes should hit the spot. With beetroot as a hidden ingredient providing the vibrant red festive colour, they’ll go down a storm.