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Valentines Event -Traffic Light Event

Next week, from February 13th to 15th, we're hosting a unique "Traffic Light" event, blending fitness and social interaction in a respectful, enjoyable environment. We aim to kick it old school for those interested in making new friends!

To encourage others to go with you (if you're nervous) or if you want to join the event and you're not a member, we'll offer a special deal on day passes for these three days – only £3, reduced from £5. This playful price point is a subtle nod to the shape of a heart when you tilt three sideways – a little symbol of love from us to you <3 :)

When you arrive at the gym, you can choose a wristband colour to indicate your social preference. There may be some members who want to work out in peace, but everyone is accommodated with the following:

Green Wristband: "Open to chat" – for those who welcome socialising. 

Red Wristband: "Focus on fitness" – for members who prefer not to be disturbed.

It's important to emphasise respecting personal boundaries and social cues, no matter what colour wristband someone wears. It's crucial to choose to interact based on these signals and be mindful of the other person's comfort levels. If someone appears uncomfortable or wishes to focus on their workout, regardless of their wristband colour, please respect their personal boundaries.

Our staff will be on hand throughout the event to assist with any issues and ensure everyone feels comfortable and respected. We're here to help make your Traffic Light experience enjoyable and safe. 

Join us at your local 24/7 Fitness for the Traffic Light event. Whether you're looking to make new connections, enjoy a sociable workout, or stick to your routine in a fun and friendly atmosphere, we're excited to see you there.