Exercise and Menopause by NHS Menopause lead

Exercise and Menopause by NHS Menopause lead exercise and nutrition specialist.

Exercising during the menopausal years can be very daunting; type the best exercise to do during the menopausal years into Google, and you will see a plethora of shakes, diets, and 15-minute exercise videos promising you a flawlessly flat stomach with minimal effort. All of this adds to the confusion. We at 24/7 are here to offer a little guidance and help decipher the misinformation.

Women usually ask the same question. What is the best exercise to do now that I am menopausal? The honest answer is the exercise you ENJOY!!

Yes, many studies indicate specific training methods are better than others. However, every training method has its pros and cons. Therefore, finding one you enjoy is essential in becoming consistent with an exercise programme.

If we told you the best way to get that bloat-free belly was by running daily for 45 minutes, and you hate running. Ask yourself honestly, would you do it? Would you commit to running every single day? Let’s be honest. The answer is NO!! The washing, ironing and other domestic chores would somehow become more appealing.

However, if we told you that a class or workout you enjoy was the best exercise, you would always attend a training session.
The point we are making is it doesn’t matter what you do; just be consistent in doing it, and this is when you will see changes.

There are so many benefits to exercising during the menopausal years. Many women have felt more in control of their symptoms, including hot flushes, brain fog and weight gain, with the risks of long-term physical health conditions dramatically dropping. But most importantly, it gives women a little bit of ‘me’ time, a few hours each week mapped out for me and my needs. A moment in time to switch off. Let’s be honest. We all need some of that.

Where to start? Believe it or not, success in the gym begins outside of the gym. Ask yourself these simple questions.
Am I drinking enough water? The answer is probably not. A recent study has revealed most menopausal women are also dehydrated.

Am I getting my 7hrs of sleep? This one is a lot harder to achieve as many women struggle with their sleep during the menopausal years.

Remember the old saying you can’t sip from an empty cup? Well, this is also true for exercise. Listen to your body. If you are fatigued, give yourself a break from the gym, have an early night and go tomorrow instead; this will help prevent injury and overtraining.

Now try everything out at the gym, try all the classes and equipment, find out what you like and get started!! Remember, consistency is critical.