10 Celebrity Cheat Meals for Fitness-Focused Celebs

While we love health and fitness at 24/7 Fitness, even we cannot resist a good old-fashioned cheat meal. This indulgence has become a common part of fitness regimes and healthy lifestyles, and it has our full support, as well as the avid support of many health-conscious celebrities.

Even the celebs whose bodies are coveted need a treat now and then. Relatable, right? 

In this post, we’ll look at our ten favourite celebrity cheat meals for fitness-focused celebs, as well as their calories count. Whether you’re looking for your next go-to cheat meal or just want to check if you have a cheat-meal twin, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for below.

10 Favourite celeb cheat meals

Knowing that these famous fitness-focused celebrities enjoy their cheat days just as much as the rest of us makes us feel better about both ourselves and them. We’re all the same and need a little indulgence between hard gym days and clean eating. 

Before we begin, is it your cheat day today? Because you’ll definitely want it to be when you read about all the delicious foods being enjoyed by these celebrities. 

We’ve included the average calories involved in each of these meals, so that you can consider if they’ll fit into your diet. Without further ado, here are the ten top celeb cheat meals:

1. Dwayne The Rock Johnson

The Rock cheat days have become a viral sensation, as everyone’s favourite former wrestler turned fantastic movie star really knows how to do things. Dwayne Johnson has a great variety of cheat day meals, but his chocolate chip pancake stacks are a regular feature. However, he doesn’t stop there, and the pancakes are always just a part of a grander meal. 

The Rock even admits to getting his “usual post cheat meal carb coma/sugar sweats”, often at 2 am in the morning. Worth it? Yes. 

Calories: We’ll go easy on The Rock and just count his pancakes, of which he eats anything between 5 and 10. So his calorie count comes to between 885 and 1770. You can imagine how much higher it is in reality when paired with steak and eggs, peanut butter and syrup, or four pizzas and 21 brownies, which he’s been known to do.

2. Cindy Crawford