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24/7 Fitness Club Rules

Club Rules

Club Rules

We want 24/7 Fitness gyms to be nice environments for all our members, so there's a few simple rules we expect everyone to follow. 


  1. Be civilised.
  2. Carry a sweat towel and use it. 
  3. Put weights away after you've used them. Don't drop them or throw them at the wall.
  4. Don't share your PIN, App or the fingerprint pods. 
  5. Empty your locker when you leave. 

The Gym Rules

Don’t fingerprint your friends in

It seems obvious really as you are on CCTV and will be caught almost immediately. If you do, then your membership will be suspended until you pay £5.95 day pass for everyone you let in. Good for us. Good for your freeloading friends. Not so good for you. 

Dress for the gym

We love that you look great, we want you to look great, but the gym floor is not the place to whip off your shirt or worse, your shorts! No jeans or clothes with rivets, it damages the equipment and you look like an idiot. Gym kit is really not that expensive and with our prices being so low you have no excuse. 

Last one on dress, please no flip flops or sandals. If you drop a dumbbell on your foot, trust us, you will want some shoe protection. Also, no dirty work boots - this doesn’t need an explanation, it's just rude. 

Failure to follow this very reasonable dress code will result in denial of your workout. 

Be nice

Leave other people alone, don’t disrupt other members workouts and be polite. 

Yes polite, a foreign concept in this day and age, but trust us it pays dividends. We all need a little bleeper sometimes after a heavy set, but keep swearing to a minimum and don’t scream it at the top of your voice! 

Use the equipment properly

If you are not sure ask a member of staff or a personal trainer. If you cause damage to any of the equipment due to idiotic behaviour, we will make you pay for it and you will be shocked at just how expensive gym equipment is. 

Put your weights away 

The staff are not there to follow you around tidying up after you. You're not a child.

Don’t drop your weights

It damages the weights, the floor and other peoples toes. If you can’t put it down properly it’s too heavy for you. 

Don’t stink! 

Use deodorant and wash your gym kit. Do you really want to be that guy/girl? 

Always know where your towel is

Your towel is just about the most massively useful thing. Please bring a towel and wipe down the machine you have just sweated all over. It's basic manners, no one wants to share your bodily fluids unless they are in a relationship with you. 

Be careful with your personal items

They are your personal items not ours so we will not take responsibility for them. Bring a good solid lock and put them in a locker and you will be just fine. Reception is not a coat check, please do not leave bags/keys/phones there. 

Eating and drinking

No food or inappropriate drinks on the gym floor. You're at the gym, not at a restaurant or having a picnic. Obvious really. 

Reset the treadmills when you're done

Stop the treadmills and return the incline to level once you have finished using them. We have all seen what happens if you don’t on YouTube. It's only hilarious if its not you stepping on to a moving treadmill. 

No unofficial PTs 

Only rent-paying personal trainers are allowed to provide paid personal training at 24/7 Fitness. Anyone else isn't insured.

Report issues quickly

Please report any equipment malfunctions, personal injuries or specific concerns to the staff immediately. If it's out of hours you can use the emergency phones. 

Hey texty!! 

Put your phone down or go and do it somewhere else. The gym machines are not armchairs and holding up someone else’s workout while you play with your phone is simply not on. 

Don't leave stuff in the lockers when you're not there

We will clear them out. Storage facilities are not included in your membership fee.

To summarise, if you act like a civilised, intelligent member of society you will be absolutely fine. If you behave like an ass we reserve the right to terminate your membership without refund.