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Your Gym Welcome Pack

A little over a year since the UK’s first lockdown, and we are beginning to see restrictions lift following the third lockdown. It’s been a hard and heartbreaking time, with all of us being away from loved ones for so long.

We hope that restrictions easing brings with it a sense of normality, and we can all begin to live our lives as close as possible to how we did before we heard the word COVID-19. 

Part of that normality involves gyms being allowed to reopen, and it’s an event we have been anticipating wholeheartedly. We can’t wait to welcome you back into our gyms and welcome some of you for the first time.  

To celebrate, we’ve put together this gym welcome pack, with everything we think you’ll need to help you hit the ground running and get back into the swing of exercising safely.

We can’t wait to see you all!