We Asked Our Personal Trainers Common Mistakes People Make When Starting At The Gym.

We’ve all been there at some point in our fitness journey, staring face-to-face with a gym and having no idea where to get started. We spoke to a number of our personal trainers and asked them about the most common mistakes people make when they first start going to the gym. Hopefully, this will help you improve your journey.

Joseph Royster - Cannock

A common issue is not understanding technique, which applies to all forms of movement. It's crucial to think before you act. Once you understand the technique, the next step is training with intent. Approach every lift with the best position in mind.

Karl Watkinson - York

Beginners often do too much too soon. Instead of jumping into 4-6 sessions a week, start with 2-3 sessions, incorporating rest days. Rest is crucial as it allows your body to repair, increasing muscle growth and endurance.

Chelsea - Portsmouth

Many people overdo it in their first week, working out every day, which leads to burnout and a feeling of failure. Start with small, consistent efforts. Marginal gains can reap maximum rewards.

Glen Beaumont - Garston

Beginners often don’t follow a plan and try to keep up with more experienced members. Focus on your own progress and stick to your plan.

Ben Milburn - Garston

Exercise execution is key. Focus on performing movements correctly and with the right intensity to maximise results.

Adrian Plester - Birmingham

Many new gym-goers set unrealistic goals or timelines. It's important to set achievable goals and give yourself a realistic timeline. Remember, "Rome wasn’t built in a day."

Starting your fitness journey can be exciting yet intimidating. Avoiding common mistakes like improper technique, overtraining, and unrealistic goals can set you up for success. Focus on mastering your form, setting achievable targets, and listening to your body. Progress takes time, so be patient and consistent. Seek guidance from professionals and enjoy the process. Remember, every step forward is a victory. Have fun and stay motivated – your journey is unique!

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