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Unveiling the Gym Wear Divide Across Generations

In the fitness world, gym wear isn't just about comfort or functionality; it's a statement of style, a reflection of our personalities, and, sometimes, a badge of brand loyalty. With our network of gyms across the UK, we embarked on a journey to understand what our members wear and why. The survey spanned various age groups, revealing fascinating insights into the generational divides in gym wear preferences. 

Our insights from the study:

The Youthful Choices (Ages 16-24)

For the younger gym enthusiasts (ages 16-24), Nike reigns supreme, especially among men, capturing a solid 35.6% for tops and an impressive 42.2% in bottoms. It's not just about the swoosh; it's a symbol of athletic aspiration and trendiness. For young women, GymShark takes the lead, dominating with 35.7% in both tops and bottoms. This preference may be attributed to the brand's savvy social media presence, resonating with the Instagram-savvy youth who admire fitness influencers.

The Mid-Age Preferences (Ages 25-49)

As we venture into the 25-34 and 35-49 age brackets, brand preferences diversify. Among men, there's a notable balance between Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. For women, while GymShark remains popular, we see a more varied brand allegiance, with Nike and Under Armour gaining ground. These choices could reflect a shift towards durability, brand reliability, and perhaps a less trend-focused approach to gym wear.

The Mature Selections (Ages 50 and above)

In the 50+ age group, the diversity in brand preference is even more pronounced. There's a noticeable presence of non-branded items alongside established names like Adidas and Under Armour. Comfort, functionality, and perhaps a no-nonsense approach to gym fashion seem to influence these choices, as this demographic appears less swayed by brand and more by practicality.

Trainer Trends Across Ages

One constant across all age groups is the preference for Nike trainers. However, the extent of this preference varies, with a staggering 64.4% in the 16-24 age bracket, diminishing slightly in older age groups. Nike's ability to appeal across generations could be credited to its enduring reputation for quality, continuous innovation in design, and perhaps a universal appeal that transcends age.


Our survey at 24/7 Fitness reveals not just the gym wear choices of different generations but also hints at broader trends in the fitness fashion world. While younger members are influenced by social media trends and brand image, older gym-goers show a preference for functionality and comfort. As we witness these evolving trends, one wonders what the future holds for gym wear fashion. Will the current preferences remain, or will we see a paradigm shift as new brands emerge and reshape the fitness fashion landscape?

In the end, whether it's the youthful allure of Nike and GymShark or the mature choice of functional wear, gym attire speaks volumes about the wearer, transcending beyond mere fabric to become a reflection of generational identity in the world of fitness.