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Top tips for handling your first studio class when you're nervous

Congratulations – you have made it past the daunting first steps and joined a gym! 

Maybe you have consulted with a personal trainer, and you have made your way around the facility, trying out the fitness machines and lifted a few weights. You’re feeling good and motivated – and now it is time to try your first studio class. 

If you’re anything like me, you are probably a little bit nervous about your first studio class. Whether you have chosen a yoga class, a PowerHoop session or a high energy cardio blast, you might be worried that you aren't going to know the ropes and that you might look like a clueless newbie. 

I remember my first spin class – I swear I must have looked like I was about to cry for the first few minutes. BUT – after that first nervous session, I felt like a bit of an ‘expert’ and I couldn’t wait to go back and get even stronger. 

Getting ready for your first studio class might feel nerve-wracking, but by keeping the following tips in mind, you will feel a lot more at ease and can get started smashing your fitness goals. 

Give yourself permission to be nervous 

Hey, trying something new can be scary, no matter what it is or how often your friends tell you “it’s no big deal.” It is kind of a big deal – and you should be proud of yourself, while also acknowledging that it’s ok to have a few butterflies. Sign up, show up and do your best – once you have passed those hurdles, it’s a piece of cake. 

Find the perfect studio class for YOU

All of the staff at your gym had their first class once, and they will likely remember the jitters that they felt. Try talking to the trainers and instructors, and tell them what you are looking for in a class. With their guidance, you can find the level and pace that will work best for you. Try a few different options before you make up your mind about your favourites. You might want to try a virtual class, or one that's less busy just to get the hang of it.

Prepare any specialist kit or gear you might need 

Depending on what class you choose, you will need different kinds of kit. What works best on the elliptical or the weights might not be right for a hot yoga class (you’ll want lightweight spandex!) or a pilates session (your clothes should be comfortable and non restrictive). You might also want to invest in your own mat, weight gloves, a resistance band or anything your gym recommends. 

Arrive nice and early to get prepared 

Nothing feels worse than being unsure about a new class and not having enough time to get ready and prepared! It is always a good idea to arrive early, have time to get changed, fill your water bottle and nab some good real estate in the studio.  

Let the instructor know that this is your first class 

Any instructor will want to know that this is your first class. Not only can they provide you with some emotional support and send you a reassuring glance now and then, they can also give you adjustments, options and corrections to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing. 

Fitness does not have to be an intimidating experience, but it is completely normal to have jitters. With these tips in mind, you can conquer your fears and get into the studio for your first time. You can do it!

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