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Top 5 tips for a workout to warm your soul

Try yoga 

A lot of us can get caught up in working out as a way to simply improve our physiques, but you should also consider the benefits that a good work out can have on your mental state. Yoga is a great way to calm your mind, centre yourself and connect with your spiritual side. It’s also really great for increasing flexibility so can help you improve your other workouts. 

Listen to music that inspires you 

It’s been proven to help us stay motivated throughout a sweaty workout, so for a soul-warming workout compose a playlist that speaks to you and makes you feel happy. It will help you power through until the end and will ensure you finish with a smile on your face. 

Get closer to nature 

For a workout that really touches your soul, get out in a scenic outdoor space and take in the atmosphere. Whether you choose to walk or run, being in a natural environment is great for your soul and is sure to increase your mood. 

Do something you love 

Sometimes exercise can feel like a chore, which is why it’s important to find ways to make it as enjoyable as possible. Whenever you visit the gym, try and ensure that you are going to do something that you enjoy, as this will make you happier and less inclined to stay on track. 

Focus on your breathing 

It can be easy to get carried about while working out and forget about one of the most important things of all – your breathing. Remember to focus on breathing throughout the entirety of a workout, paying close attention to inhaling and exhaling fully every time.