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Top 3 ways to get into the January groove

January is often a month that most dread, with the Christmas comedown inevitable and the shock of reality hitting as soon as we head back into the real world after the festivities have finished. 
However, January is a month of opportunity, the start of a fresh new year and a clean page in your new diary; it’s time to embrace not disgrace this crisp, wintry month and enjoy everything that it has to throw at you! 
Here are our top three ways to get your groove on and absolutely smash January! 

1) Make plans 

The run up to Christmas centres solely around one day, and we often find ourselves getting lost in the hype and madness of it all. When it comes to January, many people feel a flatness as there isn’t really a goal or a day to work towards. So, switch it up! Make plans, book a holiday, set mini goals or spoil yourself with some treats from the sales. Don’t make it a blah month, make it a month that counts! 
Why not book a night away somewhere at the end of the month to celebrate getting through the post-Christmas blues? Still a bit skint from the festive spending? Get cosy on the couch with a night of delicious nibbles and a drink or two, topped off with great company from the people who mean the most. Getting together doesn’t have to be a once a year kind of deal! 

2) Have a clear out 

New year, new start; it’s time to declutter your life. Whether that be clearing clothes that are gathering moth balls out of your wardrobe, or moving forward without bringing bad baggage into the new year, clear out the negative and make way for the good. 
 There is nothing better for your January groove than making sure you get off on the right foot; don’t expect different results if you keep on doing the same thing. 

3) Embrace the winter 

Let’s face it, we live in the UK, so rubbish weather is kind of a given, apart from about 2 days in the summer where that big ball of heat throws off some rays and we all go running to the wardrobe to don flip flops, shorts and spaghetti straps only to be rained on by the end of the day… 
Anyway – as a country known for its rather chilly climate and wintry weather, maybe embracing what the skies have to offer here in the UK is better than getting down in the dumps. Think cosy throws, plenty of cushions, warm coats, stylish scarves and comfortable hats. The best bit about the winter? The extra layers cover up the chocolate chub that 99% of us put on over the Christmas holidays.