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Should you get a workout buddy?

Are you paying a monthly, or even annual, gym membership yet not going? Or do you intend to join a gym but never seem to get round to it? There are multiple reasons why you may struggle to keep your momentum going or show up consistently. 

Pre-booking classes or investing in a personal trainer are two ways to help give you the kick you need to either begin, or continue, exercising regularly. Another option is to find a workout buddy. 

What is a workout buddy?

A workout buddy is someone who has similar or identical fitness goals and is local enough to attend gym sessions with you. Together you will share updates, be accountable, push each other when needed and celebrate milestones. Workout buddies are a wonderful way to stay committed and disciplined.

Benefits of a workout buddy

There are multiple benefits of finding someone to work out with, including:

  • Making challenging exercise sessions more fun

  • Planning workouts in advance

  • Reducing the chances of injury

  • Maintaining momentum 

  • Validating your progress

  • Having someone to celebrate milestones with

  • Pushing each other with friendly competition

Is it better to work out alone or with a partner?

‘Better’ may not be the right term. One person may love the idea of exercising with a buddy, whereas someone else may squirm at the thought. 

Being accountable and honest about your efforts and progress can help you stay on track. The competition aspect of choosing an exercise partner can help you burn more calories too. Similar to classes, doing the same exercise with someone else brings out something primal within us where we don’t want to be ‘defeated.’ Thus, we push ourselves harder and for longer than we would if we were going it alone.  

Is it weird to work out alone? 

Absolutely not! There are benefits to exercising alone, just as there are advantages to finding someone to work alongside. Hitting the gym solo gives you freedom and flexibility. You don't have to stick to a schedule rigidly, and if you'd rather hop on the rowing machine instead of weight training, nothing is stopping you.

Exercising alone is an excellent option for people who prefer their own company and have the drive and commitment to keep going without needing a push from someone else.

Should you get a workout buddy?

If you struggle to stay motivated or get your butt to the gym, particularly during the colder months, a workout buddy could be the perfect solution. If you aren’t sure whether it’s the right route to take, why not give it a go and see what happens? If it turns out that you prefer to exercise alone, then you haven’t lost anything. If, however, you find that operating as a team improves your experience, then you will have gained a lot.  

How to find a workout buddy

Perhaps talk to some of your friends to see if any of them have the same or very similar fitness goals to you. If so, you could recommend exercising together, and if all goes well, suggest buddying-up. 

Another option is to enlist your partner. It's much harder to skip a session if the person you are going with is living with you. It’s also a fantastic way to spend additional time together. 

If neither of the above is an option, perhaps have a chat with your local 24/7 Fitness gym PT? They may know another member with similar fitness goals to you and could talk to them to see if they may be interested in joining forces. 

A final option is to find a virtual buddy. Apps like Workout Buddy and Fitness buddy can help you find the perfect accomplice, share exercise and meal programmes and check your calorie consumption is suitable for your regime.

Whether you are seeking friendly competition or someone to keep you on track and disciplined, a workout buddy could be the perfect solution to help you smash your fitness goals.