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UK’s Favourite Boutique Gym Chain to Open Its Doors to Pets

Fighting Pet Obesity in the UK

Pether getting his steps in
24/7 Fitness is set to open its doors to pets as it introduces a new membership type this weekend. For an extra £5 per month members will be permitted to take their pets along to their workout. “Pet obesity is a huge concern in the UK at the moment. Between 30% and 60% of all dogs are overweight.” said Gary Lockwood, CEO of the gym chain. “We want to do our bit in trying to fix that”. From April 1st the clubs across the UK will allow pets to workout with their owners. 

Huge Success in Trials

Pixel and Pantone warming up for their workout
The concept has been trialled at one of the clubs and was a hit with members. 
 “My cats cannot leave the house as we live on a busy main road”, said Sarah, 32, of Birmingham. “Bringing them to the gym to walk with me on the treadmill keeps them fit and healthy, and they get to make friends with other cats too!”. 

Workout with your Pets 

Lirpa practising her upward facing human
The gym chain prides itself on its class timetable and aims to extend that to the animal world too. Doga classes will be available at all clubs. Doga is a yoga practice where the owner and their pet perform traditional yoga postures. Sarah Chivers, COO of 24/7 Fitness has recently become a Doga addict and said: “Attending weekly Doga classes with my dogs, ‘Lirpa’ and ‘Loof’, has done us a world of good, and has improved the bond between us. I am delighted that we are now able to offer this wonderful opportunity to our members”.