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How Long Should You Work Out at the Gym?

Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or just getting started with your exercise journey, one of the questions you’ll be asking yourself is how long you should be spending in the gym. The answer, of course, depends on the individual and their specific goals, but the answer still might surprise you.

It’s a common misconception that, in order to lose weight, tone up, or build muscle, you need to spend hours and hours in the gym each day. But more time spent in the gym, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll hit those goals faster.

While ultimately the amount of time you should spend in the gym per session depends on your goals, for the average gym-goer sessions should last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. That’s just 4% of your day. Achievable, right?

The most important thing though, is having an overall workout plan that is designed to meet your goals and needs. Want to lose weight? You need to be burning more calories that you’re consuming. Want to build muscle? Lifting progressively heavier weights ought to be your focus. 

But you still don’t need to be sweating it out for hours and hours a time when you visit the gym. Here, we break down why just 45-60 minutes is the optimum time to spend in the gym, and how you can make the most of that hour:

1. You’re more productive 

We’re all guilty of a little procrastination when we hit the gym. Whether that’s sending a few sneaky texts in between sets, chatting to your fellow gym-goers, or even snapping a few mirror selfies, the gym is full of distractions. If you’re too focused on spending two hours a day in the gym, chances are you’re not making the most of that time.

Two of the best ways to make full use of an hours sweat session is to enlist the help of a personal trainer or an exercise class. Classes like spin are 45 minutes of wok. Yes, you’re knackered at the end – but you spent each of those minutes working hard.

With a PT, you’re working towards a set workout plan and they’re on hand to keep you on track. Not only can they help you build this plan, but they’ll make sure you’re working as hard as you can for the full hour.

2. You’re less prone to injury

Working out for too hard, for too long puts extra strain on your muscles. Push yourself too hard too often, and you could find yourself with a nasty injury. The same goes for working our every single day.

By structuring your workouts, focusing on different muscle groups for shorter periods of time, and taking all important rest days, you’re less prone to injury. Your body isn’t aching as much, your brain is more alert, and you’re taking full advantage of each workout session.

3. Your workouts are more effective

Much like with exercise classes and PT sessions, shorter workouts can be much more effective. More structured sessions mean you’re not over-training muscle groups and you’re not repeating exercises for the sake of filling time.

There is no magic number for how long you should spend in the gym – it depends on the individual and your goals – what matters most is what you do with the time you spend there. Why not join one of our cheap gyms today, and start smashing your targets?

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