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Game of Zones

Are you ready for #GameOfZones? 

We’re turning (White) Walkers To Runners With An Epic 'Game of Thrones' Themed Fitness Regime.

With the new season almost upon us, we’re asking bannermen and bannerwomen across the UK to answer the call and take on the challenge to get back to full fitness.

Each gym has five training zones – free weights, cardio, functional, resistance machines and studio – all designed to deliver maximum results from weight loss to all over body-conditioning. All of the 247/ Fitness gyms offer free classes and have personal trainers stood by, for expert guidance. In addition, the fitness regime is complimented with a 'Westeros' inspired diet plan. 

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About the five Zones: 

Zone 1 - Free Weights 

Old school free weights are still the best way to add muscle mass. Big compound movements engage stabiliser muscles as well as the muscles targeted, if you want to add size across your whole body, there is no better way. The other benefit of this type of training is fat loss. Big movements and lots of muscular involvement means lots of fat burning. This is the most effective type of exercise to reduce body fat. 

Zone 1: The place to go to get big and get strong, broad swords and armour are heavy!

Favoured by: The Mountain, The Hound, Daenerys Targaryen and Brienne of Tarth: strong and sexy or big, bold and badass! 

Zone 2 - Cardio 

Running, Rowing, Cycling…. It’s all about health here, strong heart and lungs are the essential tools for life. Burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time as improving mood, reducing stress and improving sleep. Everyone needs to do cardio, whether it’s a casual stroll on the treadmill or an attempt to master the stairclimber, you need it!! 

Zone 2: In a world that has Dragons, White Walkers and Cersei Lannister the ability to run away at speed is essential! 

Favoured by: Pretty much all characters, but used most effectively and most often by Theon Greyjoy. 

Zone 3 - Functional 

Fitness that focuses on the natural movement patterns of your body, great for correcting bad posture and muscle imbalances. Combinations of big compound movements, bodyweight exercises and aerobic fitness, this is the way to flexible, lean muscle and great core strength. Power, agility and overall fitness is built in the Functional Area. 

Zone 3: When the White Walkers come or you find yourself in a trial by combat with the Mountain, this is the training that will save your life - as long as you don’t talk too much!

Favoured by: Oberyn Martell, Arya Stark and the Faceless Men. 

Zone 4 - Resistance Machines 

Resistance Machines are easy to learn and use, they are the most effective way of isolating muscle groups so you can really target specific areas of the body. They are also a great way of lifting heavy weights when you are on your own and do not have a spotter to watch you. Excellent for building strength in the senior population and very useful for working around injuries. 

Zone 4: If you are recovering from injuries on the battlefield or everyone you know has just been written out of the script, this is the place to work around your issues or just smash it out on your own! 

Favoured by: Jaime Lannister 

Zone 5 - The Studio 

Sometimes you just need a bit of motivation… The Studio is where you will find it! From low impact Yoga classes to the full on BodyCombat experience, The Studio will blow away the cobwebs of a stale routine and repurpose you for success. Highly sociable and fully guided by professional instructors you will get the most out of every workout. Check our timetables for more details. 

Zone 5: Westeros can be an easier place to survive if you do it with friends or your own army!

Favoured by: Dothraki Hoard, The Night’s Watch and The Unsullied