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Fashion Meets Fitness: The Top Brands Dominating UK Gyms

In the fitness world, what you wear is as much a part of the workout as the exercise itself. Our recent survey revealed fascinating insights into the most popular gym wear brands, offering a unique lens through which to view the intersection of fashion and fitness.

All genders, all locations, all age groups

Nike: The Versatile Champion

Nike's dominance in tops (20.4%), bottoms (22.8%), and trainers (40.1%) speaks volumes about its universal appeal. This trend crosses regional boundaries, evident from its popularity in diverse locations like Cannock and Sheffield. Nike's success can be attributed to its versatility, offering options for the serious athlete and the casual gym-goer alike.

Under Armour: The Performance Specialist

Under Armour's significant presence, especially in men's wear, illustrates its reputation as a performance-focused brand. With 14.4% in tops and 12.8% in bottoms, Under Armour is particularly favoured for its technology-driven apparel, appealing to those who view their gym wear as a component of their workout performance.

GymShark: The Social Media Expert

GymShark's rise to 13.1% in tops and 13.4% in bottoms is a testament to the power of social media in shaping fitness fashion. Particularly popular among the younger demographic, GymShark has successfully harnessed influencer marketing to build a brand that is as much about lifestyle as it is about fitness.

Adidas: The Enduring Contender

Adidas, with 9.7% in tops and 12% in bottoms, remains a favourite, leveraging its long-standing heritage in sports. Its ability to blend classic designs with innovative technology keeps it relevant and appealing across various age groups.

Primark: The Affordable Staple

The presence of Primark in the gym wear market (7.1% in tops and 4.7% in bottoms) is indicative of a growing trend towards affordable fashion. It challenges the notion that one must invest heavily in gym wear, catering to a segment of the population that seeks practicality and style on a budget.

Shein: The Rise In Fitness Fashion On A Budget

Shein's emergence in the gym wear market represents a significant shift towards fast fashion in fitness apparel. As the cost of living crisis impacts spending habits, more gym-goers are turning to Shein for its highly affordable prices and trendy designs. This trend reflects a broader move towards cost-effective options in consumer spending, particularly among those looking to balance a tight budget with a desire to stay fashionable at the gym.

Trainers: A Story of Personal Preference

In trainers, while Nike leads, the presence of brands like Adidas, Under Armour, and New Balance illustrates the importance of personal preference, especially in footwear. Factors like specific athletic needs, foot type, and comfort level play a crucial role in this choice, sometimes overriding brand loyalty.

Regional Influences and Trends

A closer look at regional data shows interesting variations. For example, Under Armour's strong showing in Kidderminster and Liverpool contrasts with GymShark's popularity in Cannock and Sheffield, suggesting regional influences in brand preferences.

The gym wear landscape in the UK gyms of 24/7 Fitness is as diverse as it is dynamic. While giants like Nike and Adidas continue to hold sway, emerging brands like GymShark and budget-friendly options like Primark and Shein are also very much in the the game. The variety in preferences, from high-tech performance wear to affordable fashion, illustrates a fitness community that is diverse, style-conscious, and ever-evolving. As we look towards the future of fitness fashion, it's clear that the fusion of functionality, style, and personal preference will continue to shape gym wear trends.

The following article is Part 1 of 4. We'll be posting articles about Age, Gender and location in upcoming blogs.

The locations of our participating gyms in this study are Kidderminster, Cannock, Sheffield, York & Liverpool. Author: Ben Patterson, Head of Marketing

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