Exercises For Busy Mums By Jodie Noble - Workout One - HIIT Workout For Busy Mums

HIIT Workout for Busy Mums

Meet Jodie Noble, your personal guide to busy mum fitness at 247 Fitness. As a mother of two and a personal transformation success story in her own right, Jodie uniquely understands the challenges busy mums face. With her expertise, she's here to offer effective and manageable workouts for mums on the go. This guide features a tailored HIIT workout routine.

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HIIT workout routine designed for busy Mums:

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest—complete three rounds in total. This efficient HIIT workout is perfect for busy mums looking to fit in a quick but effective workout.

1. Mountain Climbers: Start in a plank position, bring one knee towards your chest, then quickly switch legs in a running motion.

2. Squat Jumps: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, squat down, then explode upwards into a jump, land softly back into a squat.

3. Alternating Reverse Lunge: Stand tall, step one foot back, lower your body until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle, then return to standing and switch legs.

4. Walk Outs: Start standing, bend at the waist and walk your hands out into a plank position, then walk your hands back to your feet and stand up.

5. Incline Push-Ups: Place hands on an elevated surface (like a bench or step), body straight, lower your chest towards the surface, then push back up.

6. Jumping Lunges: Start in a lunge position, jump and switch legs mid-air, landing in a lunge with the opposite leg forward.

And there you have it, hopefully you enjoyed that workout. Keep your eyes peels for more content from Jodi, we've got two more on their way. 
If you have any questions, you can drop Jodie a message; her Instagram details are in the introduction.