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The Secret To Fitness Success

I've been training at the same gym for several years now. I don’t get to train there every day, but when I do it is invariably at the same time of day. 

When you train regularly at the same time and place you start to recognise more and get to know most of the regulars. You see how they train, how long they train for and how frequently. 

It is with a tinge of sadness that I have to admit, most of them haven’t got a clue what they are doing. The biggest issue is watching people do exactly the same thing, week in, week out. The woman who only does abdominal exercises, the guy who only trains biceps and every other variation you imagine of people all making the same error in training philosophy. 

Everything inside me wants to scream at them to vary their routine, work all body parts rather than favouring one and for god’s sake try something new! 

The thing is though, they all look great. They look far better than the people I come across who only train occasionally and far far better than the ones who do not train at all. They look better than the the members with clever routines that only perform them sporadically. 

The reason for this is very simple: They bring it! 

They show up day in and day out and just get on with it. That’s not to say they couldn’t look better if they had more effective programmes. However, the simple act of showing up everyday and doing something, anything, is what works! Any kind of physical exercise, however misguided, will make you stronger and leaner than 90% of the population.

It's like Woody Allen says: "80% of success is showing up" 
That really is the big secret... of getting in shape (or success in anything, really).

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