A Beautician Reveals How to Look Stunning Without Makeup At The Gym.

We've all been there, sweating it out on the treadmill and wondering if our makeup is heading south. Well, what if we said you could look brilliant without it? We chatted with Michele, the beauty guru from You Beauty in Shrewsbury, who's spilling the beans on why ditching the makeup at the gym is the way forward and how to still look your absolute best.

Fresh-Faced and Fabulous: Why Going Bare at the Gym Rocks

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's talk about why you might want to skip the foundation and mascara before your workout. Michele's all for a clean, fresh face at the gym. "Letting your skin breathe while you're pumping iron or smashing that HIIT session is a godsend for your pores," she says. It's simple – clean skin equals fewer breakouts and a lovely natural glow. And isn't that what we all want?

Now, for those top tips from Michele to keep you looking smashing with a makeup brush in sight.

On-Point Brows Without the Pencil

  • Shape It Real Good: Finding your brow's best look is essential, and a tint touch-up occasionally keeps things sharp.
  • Go Au Naturel: Michele loves aloe vera for a natural fill. Plus, it helps in taming those tiny hairs.
  • Moisturise, Don't Compromise: A dab of your favourite non-comedogenic moisturiser can keep the flakiness at bay and your brows looking lush.

Lashes That Wow Without the Mascara

  • The Daily Brush-Through: Michele swears by a spoolie to fluff up those lashes in a jiffy.
  • Oil' Em Up: A slick of coconut or jojoba oil before bed can give your lashes the extra love they deserve.
  • The No-Heat Curl: Want a bit of drama without the curlers? Warm water on your spoolie can work wonders, according to Michele.

And There You Have It!

Michele's insider info is a game-changer for gym-loving lasses who want to keep things simple yet stunning. So next time you pack your gym bag, leave the makeup kit home and embrace the natural you. Trust us (and Michele); your skin will thank you!