8 hacks for improving your mental wellbeing in winter

As the cold weather comes around, people everywhere will be feeling the winter blues but we’re here to help. Don’t let the grey skies get you down this season and check out our list of hacks to improve your mood over winter. 

1.Get some fresh air 

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from going outside this winter. Getting fresh air and going on walks are great ways to keep a clear head and let your worries fade away. Be sure to wrap up warm if you’re heading out on a cold day. 

2.Eat right 

Winter is often the time of year when the healthy diet plans are thrown to the back of the cupboard and replaced with comfort food. There’s nothing wrong with a few treats but maintaining a healthy diet will keep your body and mind sharp. 

3.Stay active 

Keeping your body active and getting your blood pumping is a great way to release endorphins and stay positive. Try going for runs or joining a gym this season to stay in shape and fight off the blues. 

4.Find a hobby 

If you’re feeling down, there’s no better way to distract your mind than by focusing your thoughts on something new and creative. You don’t have to be an expert but discovering a new hobby is a fun way to stay positive. 

5.Be sociable 

There’s nothing worse than feeling alone during the winter months, especially if you’re going through a bad time. Friends and family are always there to help so be sure to engage with them and take part in group activities to take your mind off things and enjoy the holidays. You could also try a new class - whether it's Yoga or Clubbercise, this is a great way to meet others.

6.Seek help 

If you feel that your mental wellbeing is slipping and you may be suffering from more than just the winter blues, never be afraid or worried to ask for professional help. There are clinics and advice services all over the country that will help you through hard times and get you back on track. 

7.Feel the beat 

Music can have a powerful impact on our emotions and can drag you out of the deepest funk. If you have a favourite song or playlist that always puts you in a good mood, be sure to carry your headphones on you and play your tunes when you’re feeling blue. 

8.Feel the sun 

Sunlight has a profound effect on happiness and the mental state of the mind so be sure to soak up as much as you can this winter. If you can’t get outside or the sun isn’t shining, it may be worth investing in a SAD lightbox that will give you the UV rays you need in the warmth of your home.