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5 Unexpected benefits of weight loss | Losing the winter pounds

There is usually one primary goal when it comes to losing weight, and that is to look better and therefore feel better. However, losing weight isn’t just about looking good, it offers a lot more health benefits than many realise, making shedding those winter pounds something that will give you a boost all year round. 

So, what are the best yet unexpected weight loss benefits and shredding the winter pounds?


1) Confidence 

When it comes to looking good, confidence is often something that is directly impacted upon. It’s no secret that if you feel good within yourself and think that you look well, then your confidence will receive a boost and in turn, your mental state will improve. Everybody has the right to feel confident and comfortable within their own skin, and whilst we all have different ideas as to what that comfortable equilibrium is, the ultimate goal is to achieve that confidence that is so often strived for. 

2) You will find it easier to sleep 

Not only will you find that your quality of sleep improves, but you may also find that your snoring that once rattled throughout your room has now stopped. By losing just 5% of your body weight you can set yourself up to catch those z’s, leaving you feeling better throughout the day. 

3) Sex is better 

One of the secret benefits of losing weight is the sex. Not only does confidence improve libido, but the hormones that exercise releases means that you will be more up for getting some extra workouts between the sheets. Losing just 10 pounds will stimulate said hormones that increase your sex drive and for the men out there, expect your testosterone levels to improve radically. Once you’re having sex, expect a better stamina and better performance that leaves sex much more satisfying for both you and your partner. 

4) Better immune system 

Are you one of those people who found themselves always coming down with a cold or some other virus that leaves you feeling under the weather? Kiss goodbye to all those ailments once you lose weight; looking after your body from the inside out using a combo of diet and exercise is the best way to improve your immune system and avoid calling in sick more times than necessary. 

5) You will enjoy those treats more 

Shovelling sweets in at 90mph and not actually tasting it is something that we have all done at some point, especially over the festive period. As soon as you cut the bad food habits out, when it comes to having a treat, you will enjoy it more and even taste it properly. Food will take on a whole new meaning for you and you will savour it rather than demolish it without a second thought.