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5 truths people don’t tell you about weight loss

Losing weight is something that most people have set as a target at least once in their lives, and in today’s modern world there are so many ways regimes and plans out there that claim to be the best way of reaching your goal. With so many myths and fads out there, what are the actual truths about weight loss that we don’t get to know about? 

Here’s our top 5 truths that people don’t tell you about weight loss. Well, until now… 

1) Foods labelled as low in fat aren’t actually the best choice… 

When it comes to deciding what to fuel our bodies with when we are trying to lose weight, it is relatively easy to fall into the trap of going for food that is labelled as low in fat, mainly for reasons of convenience. However, foods with this tag line quite often contain a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners, which definitely aren’t the best for our bods. In order to be able to claim that something is low in fat or reduced fat, companies must ensure it is lower in fat than the original version, which doesn’t necessarily mean it is a low-fat choice, it’s actually just lower in fat compared to the full-fat variety. 

2) Snacking isn’t bad for you 

In fact, snacking is very important as it keeps your metabolism going and maintains energy levels; the key is to choose the right kind of snack. Swap crisps and chocolate for things like vegetable sticks and hummus or banana and peanut butter, which will ensure your body has enough energy to keep you going. Factor snacking into your eating plan for the day so that when it comes to mealtimes, you aren’t absolutely starving and tempted to reach for the crisps. 

3) Detox diets aren’t the best way to kickstart your weight loss 

Detoxing the body sounds great, right? It sounds like the best way to start your new weight loss regime, when in hindsight, all you actually nine times out of ten is send your body into starvation mode. What does that mean for you? Well, when you finish your ‘detox’ and start reintroducing the food that you cut back on, your body will be more inclined to retain weight as it will become programmed to think that you may starve it again. In short, a detox is a glorified crash diet and not a sensible way to start. 

4) You don’t have to go hard in the gym to see results 

Let’s be real here; exercise is key in order to lose weight healthily, but you don’t have to start off like a bodybuilder on a mission before a competition in order to see your body change and slim down. It’s all about starting off at the right pace for you and building up your regime so that your body can adapt over time as opposed to overnight. The last thing you want to do is derail your regime because you’ve managed to get an injury from pushing yourself too hard. Aim to build up muscle gradually and you’re onto a winner. You'll even burn fat while doing nothing!

5) Cheat days are OK 

In order to avoid becoming disheartened, it’s important to factor the odd cheat day or cheat meal into your diet plan. By enjoying little treats, you are less likely to become derailed from your diet and are more likely to ensure you stay on plan with everything else.