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5 options for a lower carb Christmas dinner

Stuffing, pigs in blanket, and Yorkshire puddings – Christmas dinner can be one of the most calorie laden plates of food you tuck into all year. But if sitting down to tempting plates of festive food is something you’ve been looking forward to all week there are some low carb swaps to ensure that your Christmas feast isn’t going to set back your health and fitness goals. 

1. Try roasted turnips

If you’re looking to make some low carb swaps that still taste great and add to the tastiness of your plate, try switching your typical roasted potatoes for roasted turnips. They take just 30 minutes to roast with a little olive oil and seasoning, you can even add a sprinkle of rosemary for an extra flavour. 

2. Make your own stuffing

Stuffing adds a tasty crunch to your Christmas dinner. But when you choose pre-made stuffing it’s often padded out with white breadcrumbs adding to your carb intake. Making it yourself means you have complete control and you can significantly reduce the amount of carbs per portion without compromising on the taste. 

3. Miss out the mashed potato

Mashed potato might be a Christmas dinner favourite but there’s lot of different alternative to play around with here that still deliver on taste. Mashed cauliflower, sweet potato, and parsnip are just a few of the healthier options you can swap potatoes for to cut down the amount of carbs you're piling on your plate. 

4. Carefully pick your trimmings

Whether it’s stuffing or Yorkshire pudding that you’ve been looking forward to on your Christmas dinner, it’s likely that your favourite bit is packed with calories and carbs. Rather than having all the usual trimmings that are associated with a festive meal, why not pick out and focus on those bits you love the most to balance a delicious treat with moderation. 

5. Follow up with a healthier alternative

Traditional Christmas pudding might be packed with fruit but once you factor in the flour, sugar, and booze it’s anything but a healthy option. Follow-up your incredible dinner with a healthier alternative that's light on the stomach – perfect for after the usual heavy meal. 

Even if you’ve overindulged at Christmas dinner this year, don’t panic – you can still head to the gym to burn off those extra calories and get ready for the new year.