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5 holistic wellness classes to help calm your mind


Yoga reigns supreme when it comes to wellness classes, and there are so many benefits of engaging with yoga you’d be mad not to try it. It can help to increase your flexibility, which will in turn mean you can perform better in other workouts that you like. The moves you perform will also help to improve your posture and can help to prevent joint breakdown, making it a great option for older gym goers. Because the classes are slow-paced it also works to calm your mind and you’re likely to find that you’ll sleep better after attending one. 


Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening muscles, with a particular emphasis on improving core strength. It also promotes the mind-body connection, and during many of the moves you will need to be sure that you are aware of your breathing and the way that your body moves. The person taking the class will help you focus on this, and paying attention to your breathing is a great way to calm your mind. 

Bikram yoga 

This type of yoga is carried out in rooms that have a humidity of 40%, which will result in more sweating. As well as promoting relaxation and helping you to become more flexible, all that sweating will help to clear your skin and will ensure that you leave feeling rejuvenated. 


Barre classes are a pretty new trend, and they work by incorporating a number of moves from different disciplines including ballet, Pilates and yoga. The focus is on working on isolated muscle groups and helping you to strengthen up by holding poses for long periods of time. 

Body Balance 

This class is ideal for anyone and will help to calm your mind with yoga-based moves that are performed to an inspiring soundtrack. Expect to leave feeling refreshed and revived.