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5 Fitness Obstacles and How To Overcome Them

The road to fitness is often a bumpy one, and when we hit those bumps, it’s easy to become disillusioned and lose track of the end-goal. You may be surprised to know that these obstacles aren’t exclusive to you; everybody has to overcome them, and our top 5 list not only outlines these annoyances, but shows you how to overcome them. 

1) Not setting yourself realistic goals 

It’s really simple to set yourself realistic goals that you can meet, but in our haste as humans to reach a bigger picture faster, we quite often set mammoth goals that are just nigh on impossible to hit. Start off small and then move your way up the ladder, that way you won’t become disillusioned and feel like you’re not getting anywhere. 

2) Lack of confidence 

So many people out there lack confidence when it comes to improving fitness, and that confidence chip that is missing often becomes part of a vicious cycle that prevents people from hitting the gym. Why? Because they don’t feel confidence enough to go in the first place! Gah! It’s almost infuriating! Beat this bug bare by starting off with classes for beginners and meeting people who are at the same stage as you – you will in turn build up your own confidence and feel spurred on that everyone has to start somewhere, but they don’t have to start on their own! 

3) The ‘F’ word – failure 

Fearing that you will fail is one of the biggest obstacles to hit when you’re trying to improve your fitness, and this quite often leads to people giving up full stop. The truth is, we all fail at some point in our lives and whether this is just having an off day at a class that steers you off course, or feeling like you’re just not getting anywhere, the key is to recognise your perceived failure and not to give up. Do you think that the most prolific athletes out there have never failed? Do you think that when they did they just stopped and gave up? You know the answer, and you know what you have to do… 

4) Not having enough knowledge 

Winging it is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to fitness, and it is so important to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to move forward with your regime. Get educated on the equipment that is at your disposal and learn about your body and what you need to do to improve it. Don’t be scared to ask for help from professionals, other gym goers and even good old Google, just make sure you read content that is from a reputable source and not just somebody on a message board who has been the gym a couple of times and has become a self-styled know it all. 

5) Making time 

Many people give up too soon because they think that they just don’t have the time to spare when it comes to working out. Truth is, everybody has the time, we just have to be clever and be willing to make some sacrifices to get where we want to be. For example, getting up an hour earlier to go to the gym may seem like something that will leave you tired, but exercise actually improves your energy and losing that tiny hour won’t make much of an impact. If you feel extra sleepy – go to bed earlier, it’s all about making allowances.