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24/7 Fitness Launches Innovative New Workout: Digit

The DigitTM Workout, launching in the UK exclusively at 24/7 Fitness gyms on April 1st, features a specially designed circuit that appears to maximise limited time at the gym. DigitTM is an exhilarating, multi-directional fitness experience that combines high intensity mental focus with swift movements, and delivers instant feedback. 

It features bespoke swiping and tapping motions, developed by the fitness company, that enable gym goers to experience a pain free, comfortable workout. The workout can be adapted to suit all different body types and abilities. 

24/7 Fitness Kidderminster member, Sarah, 33 of Kidderminster told us: “I am at the fittest I have ever been. The weight has just dropped off and I feel great”. Jo, 49, from Worcester said “I enjoy every workout now, I never have a problem motivating myself to come to the gym”.

Gary Lockwood, CEO at 24/7 Fitness, said: "This workout style is addictive and absorbing, and here at 24/7 Fitness we are keen to promote new, memorable experiences. Since announcing the new workout plan, DigitsTM, we have been inundated with texts asking us for more information!” 

If you want to have a go at DigitsTM and see if it’s for you, follow Gary’s quick circuit below: 
  • 10 minute walk on the treadmill to warm up – no sweating allowed, take it easy. 
  • Using the shoulder press, set the weight to 40 kg and complete 3 sets of 20 thumb right swipes in Tinder. 
  • Using the chest press, set the weight to 70kg and complete 3 sets of 20 thumb left swipes in Tinder. 
  • Using the seated leg curl, set the weight to 100kg and complete 3 sets of 20 double thumb taps in Instagram. This is a tough one because it also needs the thumb up-swipe move. Be careful to make sure you don’t overdo it. 
  • Using the prone leg curl, set the weight to 100kg and complete 3 sets of 20 double thumb typed messages in Facebook. This is really tough, and requires a high degree of mental focus, so make sure you are comfy before you start. 
  • Using the largest exercise ball you can find, sit on it for 10 minutes whilst repeating the double-thumb typing exercise, this time on email. For this it is best to have ignored all text emails for an hour before your workout as it gives some purpose to the exercise. Don’t worry if you need more than the 10 minutes, it’s all great for that core! 
  • 10 minute walk on the treadmill to cool down, remember – no sweating! 

Due to the popularity of the DigitTM workout the equipment can sometimes become busy, so it’s recommended gym goers change the order of the exercises to avoid queues. 

Gary added: “This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a huge future in this area. I have designed more advanced workout plans and am due to release the more advanced ‘Index Finger Plan’ on April 1st 2020.” 

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