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10 Ways to Make Your Fellow Gym Members Think You're Awesome

If you’re someone who dreams of being noticed at the gym for all the right reasons, you’re in luck. With these fantastic tips you’ll be making your fellow gym members think you’re awesome in no time. 

1. Show Dedication, Drive and Hard Work

There’s nothing more impressive at the gym than showing you care about what you’re doing. Show your fellow gym members that you really mean business by working hard from the moment you arrive. 

2. Offer Help and Advice When Asked

Nobody wants to keep all of their workout tips to themselves, so offer help and advice when others need it. However, be careful not to offer your opinion where it’s not wanted! 

3. Look As Though You Are Enjoying Yourself

The gym is meant to be fun, so whack on a smile and look as though you are enjoying yourself. It’ll motivate other people and will show that you really like what you do. 

4. Track Your Progress Using an App 

Show other gym members that you really know what you’re doing by tracking your progress using a smartphone app. Not only will this help you to plan better workouts, but other people will see you as someone who’s organised with their fitness. 

5. Visit the Gym Regularly

If you want other gym members to think you’re awesome, you have to turn up enough for them to notice. Simple! 

6. Do a Lot of Different Workouts

The most impressive people at the gym are those who show they can use all of the machines and those who do a lot of different workouts. So, be sure to show off your full range by switching it up every so often. 

7. Use Music as Motivation

The most awesome looking people at the gym are those who put headphones in, put music on and get on with their workout. Find a playlist you love and let others see you as someone who’s really in the zone. 

8. Stay Hydrated at All Times

Hydration is key when it comes to working out, we all know that. To really look the part at the gym carry a water bottle with you at all times. Not only is drinking enough water whilst exercising vital, but it shows you’re giving your body what it needs. 

9. Say Hello and Be Friendly!

Think back to when you were a child and your parents told you to make friends - it should be like that at the gym! Being awesome at the gym comes down to being nice, approachable and friendly. Nobody wants to workout next to the resident bully. 

10. Keep Noise Levels to a Minimum

A lot of noise at the gym can be extremely distracting to others, so be considerate and keep things quiet. This means no groaning, no loud music and minimal chatting.