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10 ways to keep motivated when it's cold

The cold weather can lead many of us to go into hibernation mode, choosing the sofa and carbs over gym sessions and veggies. Here are 10 tips to help you get through the winter.

1. Think of an indoor plan B 

If you favour working out outside, try and think of ways you can bring your workout indoors when the weather gets colder. If you enjoy running, you can do this on a treadmill with a visit to your gym, and the thought of being in the warmth should motivate you to get up and get there. 

2. Adjust your playlist 

It has been proven that working out to music can increase your performance, so to avoid any lulls in your regime once the weather starts to cool off, update your playlist to new songs that you are loving at the moment and you’re sure to push yourself harder. 

3. Stay on track with your diet 

The cold weather can lead many of us to go into hibernation mode, choosing the sofa and carbs over gym sessions and veggies. While you should make carbs a part of your diet, don’t neglect your protein and vegetable intake. Eating leafy greens will also keep your immune system stronger and ward off colds, which are notorious for leading to missed gym trips during the winter. 

4. Get a workout buddy 

They say there’s power in numbers, and it’s true for workouts too. Having a gym partner can help you stay on track, especially if you’re prone to flaking on workouts. Why not pick a friend that you don’t see that regularly as well? That way, it’s an excuse to catch up and get fit at the same time. 

5. Invest in some new gym gear 

We all know that feeling we get when we buy some new clothes for the gym and can’t wait to parade around in them. Go and treat yourself to some new leggings or those trainers you’ve been eyeing up for months. It’s unlikely you’ll want to leave your shiny new clothes hanging up in your wardrobe, so it will give you the boost you need to get to that class. 

6. Set multiple alarms 

If you tend to work out early in the morning, you might want to consider setting more than one alarm to drag you out of bed. It can be hard getting up early, especially when your bed is so much warmer than the outside, so having multiple annoying dings going off should do the trick and force you up. 

7. Drink caffeine 

Who doesn’t love a rich Americano? When you need an extra boost, sipping on black coffee in the morning can give you the energy you need to go and smash your gym session. 

8. Wear your kit to bed 

It might sound crazy, but this can really work. Sleep in your workout gear and you’ll be one step closer to the gym when you rise. Maybe avoid sleeping in muddy trainers though. 

9. Join a new class 

When it comes to working out, variety is important to avoid boredom. Try joining a different class or working on some new moves, it will help keep things interesting. 

10. Remember it’s hard to start again 

Falling off the wagon is easy, it’s getting back on that’s the struggle. Remember how hard you’ve worked up until this point and remain consistent.