10 ways to find yourself a workout buddy

For most people out there, working out isn’t something that is particularly enjoyable, instead it is viewed as something that is necessary in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
However, you can inject enjoyment into your exercise regimes by finding yourself a workout buddy that will not only keep you company at your gym sessions, but will also keep you motivated when a night on the couch with a bar of Cadburys is so much more appealing… 

Here’s the dilemma that most seem to have; where to look for that elusive gym pal. Our ten tips will tell you exactly where to look. 

1) Let’s go for the obvious - your friend circle 

With friends come honesty and that’s a great characteristic to look for in a workout buddy; they will tell you when you’re slacking and make sure that your drag yourself to the gym even when you can’t be bothered. Ask your friends if they are interested in getting involved in a new workout regime and make it no holds barred when it comes to motivating each other. You can always count on your best friend when you need to be told to get rid of the jiggle by stepping it up a notch… 

2) Work 

Work is a great place to find somebody to workout with, mainly because you’ve probably got more people to ask and you can then factor your regime into your day by hitting the gym when you leave work. 
Don’t be scared to ask about – it’s a great way to build up a good relationship with your work pals, too. 

3) The gym 

It sounds like a game of state the obvious, but you often come across the same people in the gym each time you visit, so why not make it a proper arrangement that you workout with somebody you’ve met whilst there? It’s a great way to ensure you have a buddy who is like-minded and is after the same results as you. 

4) Classes 

Exercise classes that are held on a regular basis tend to attract the same people to each session, making them a great place to meet people to workout with. Book yourself in for a few different types of classes and not only will you broaden your social circle, but you’ll also broaden your exercise choices. 

5) Speak to people who work at the gym/your trainer 

When it comes to coming into contact with people who are undergoing exercise routines, there aren’t many who are better equipped than personal trainers or those who already work at the gym. Ask if they know of anybody who is looking for a workout partner who exercises at the same pace as you. 

6) Facebook 

With the majority of people now having Facebook, it is a very easy way to reach out directly in your search for a workout buddy and find somebody who is looking for one, too. Even if you don’t find somebody who is on your friends list, it is almost certain that somebody will know of somebody who is looking to hit the gym. Facebook is a great way of being straight to the point and finding people fast. 

7) Set up a group 

Do you have a particular area of interest when it comes to working out? Great! Use this to your advantage and set up a group that will encourage people who are into the same thing as you to join. 

 8) Find a group that is already formed 

Don’t quite feel confident enough to branch out and set up your own group? Cool. Look for ones that are already established and join. For example, if you like running, find a running group and head out with them when they workout together. 

9) Visit specialised sites 

Findafitnessbuddy.com is a site that is specifically geared towards helping you find somebody to workout with. Simply put in what you are looking for, what exercise you like to do and wait for a response! 

 10) Message boards 

If you visit message boards or forums that are centred around fitness and particular types of exercise, utilise them in order to find somebody who is like-minded and wants to workout in a group or a pair as opposed to solo. If you are already active on forums, chances are you will already have your own little virtual following of people to ask.