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How to find yourself a gym buddy

Whether you are a returning pro or a complete novice, at some point, you will lack the motivation to hit the gym. There are multiple reasons why you may struggle to keep your momentum going or show up consistently. 

The good news is that there are ways you can increase the likelihood of consistently turning up and working out; pre-booking an exercise class or investing in a personal trainer are two examples. Another option is to find a workout buddy.

What is a workout buddy?

A workout buddy is someone who has similar or identical fitness goals and is local enough to attend gym sessions with you. Together you will share updates, be accountable, push each other when needed and celebrate milestones. Workout buddies are an excellent way to stay committed and disciplined and is a refreshing change to the lockdown life we’ve all been experiencing.

What are the benefits of a gym buddy?

There are multiple benefits of finding someone to work out with, including:

  • Making challenging exercise sessions more fun

  • Planning workouts in advance

  • Reducing the chances of injury

  • Maintaining momentum 

  • Validating your progress

  • Having someone to celebrate milestones with

  • Pushing each other with friendly competition

If you struggle to stay motivated or get your butt to the gym, an exercise buddy could be the perfect solution. If you aren’t sure whether it’s the correct route to take, why not give it a go and see what happens? If it turns out that you prefer to exercise alone, then you haven’t lost anything. If, however, you find that operating as a team improves your experience, then you will have gained a lot.  

How to find a workout buddy

Here’s the dilemma that most seem to have; where to look for that elusive gym pal. Here are some avenues you can go down in your search for a gym buddy.

Could there be a gym buddy in your friendship circle?

With friends comes honesty, and that’s an outstanding characteristic to look for in a workout buddy; they will tell you when you’re slacking and make sure that you drag yourself to the gym even when you can’t be bothered. 

Ask your friends if they are interested in getting involved in a new workout regime and make it no holds barred when it comes to motivating each other. You can always count on your best friend when you need to be told to step it up a notch.


Perhaps there’s someone at your workplace?

Work is a great place to find somebody to exercise with, mainly because you’ve probably got more people to ask, and you can then factor your regime into your day by hitting the gym when you leave work.

Don’t be scared to ask – it’s a great way to build up a good relationship with your work pals. 

The gym itself may be the place to find a buddy

It sounds like a game of state the obvious, but you often come across the same people in the gym each time you visit, so why not make it a proper arrangement? It’s a great way to ensure you have a like-minded buddy who is after the same results as you. 

Exercise classes are another great place to look, as they are held regularly and tend to attract the same people to each session, making them a great place to meet people to exercise with. Book yourself in for a few different types of classes, and not only will you broaden your social circle, but you’ll broaden your exercise choices too. 

When it comes to finding people who are also searching for a comrade, there aren’t many better people to ask than personal trainers or those who already work at the gym. Ask if they know of anybody looking for a workout partner who exercises at the same pace as you. 

Find a fitness buddy on Facebook

With most people now having Facebook, it is an effortless way to reach out directly in your search for a fitness buddy. Even if you don’t find somebody who is on your friend list, it is almost certain that somebody will know of somebody who is looking to hit the gym. Facebook is an excellent way of being straight to the point and finding people fast.  

Look for a group or set one up 

There are groups, such as running groups, who organise exercise regimes. These groups are usually extremely welcoming and are a fantastic option for finding several exercise pals. 

And if there isn’t a group already established in your area, why not set one up yourself? 

Find a gym pal through an app or message board

If you visit message boards or forums centred around fitness and particular types of exercise, utilise them to find somebody who is like-minded and wants to workout in a group or a pair instead of solo. If you are already active on forums, chances are you will already have a virtual following of people to ask.

A final option is to find a virtual buddy. Apps like Workout Buddy and Fitness Buddy can help you find the perfect accomplice, share exercise and meal programmes and check your calorie consumption is suitable for your regime.

Whether you seek friendly competition or someone to keep you on track and disciplined, a gym buddy could be the perfect solution to help you smash your fitness goals.